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The basic requirements to apply for a US waiver Program

If you have a Canadian criminal record, the law prohibits you from entering the United States, unless you have an American exception. If you are unlawfully arrested in the United States, you will likely be arrested and sent back to Canada. In addition, US immigration officials have the right to confiscate your car and personal belongings. For this reason, it is important to request an American exemption before traveling to the United States.

What is the US concession?

If you are traveling to the United States before destroying or pardoning your Canadian criminal record, you must apply for a U.S. exemption to enter the country legally. You will mainly acknowledge and provide details of your criminal record to the United States federal government. A waiver in the United States is a document that allows Canadian citizens or non-citizens of the visa exemption program who have been convicted of two or more summary procedures, one or more drug possession crimes, or one or more crimes legally entering the United States. For one year. American exemptions are valid for up to 5 years and must be renewed. The United States allows exemptions only for a person to visit the United States during the period specified in the waiver. The length of surrender usually depends on the seriousness of the crimes committed and the time period since the conviction. U.S. exemptions can be used multiple times until their expiration date.

About criminal records

Criminal conviction files are kept in the computer database of the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC). CPIC is affiliated with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) in the United States, which can be accessed by US Customs, Immigration, and State Police. Once a US official verifies a file, it is kept in the NCIC even after obtaining an amnesty in Canada. An exemption from entering the United States will be added to the individual’s profile upon approval, which will solve any problems traveling in the United States.

The process of requesting an exemption in the United States

There are professional waiver services in the U.S. online. These exemption services can obtain an American assignment on behalf of their clients somewhat quickly because they have assignment professionals in the United States who focus only on exemptions. On the U.S. Waiver Service website, you will find a form of online waiver and forgiveness. Simply fill out the form and click the Submit button. You can also contact the service for an initial telephone consultation.

Identification is required

You will need to provide a specific identification as part of the application. Accepted types of identification are driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, Canadian citizenship card, Indian status certificate, permanent residence card, military family ID card (DIFM), document migration such as work permit or study permit, and landing record for applicant citizenship.

Appointment with an American service agent

When you meet with a U.S. exemption service agent, the agent will review the application process and answer your questions. During your first appointment, your fingerprints will be taken first in the app. Fingerprints must be certified by RCMP and the FBI. In addition to the basic application, a number of supporting documents must be attached to your application. The better your order, the more likely you are to get a waiver, so make sure you have all of your documents with you.

Justified documents

Some of the documents you’ll need include: a letter from your employer explaining your current job and seniority, including the need to travel to the United States, if possible, if you are self-employed, a copy of your most recent tax return, three reference letters from community members, and two recent photos For the passport and a copy of the passport or driver’s license proving the nationality. You will also have to pay the application fee. Exemption request fees are paid in cash on all major credit cards and at a discount.

The deadline for exemptions in the United States

If the order is completed correctly and all relevant reports and supporting documents are included, it takes NSI about 5 to 12 months to review and approve your request.