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Quebec Entrepreneurs Program for immigrant – Discover the unique way to participate

The province of Quebec has several programs and selection criteria that are different from those set for Federal Canada. It is the only province in Canada where French is the official language. Thus, any immigrant living in Canada requires good French language skills. The Entrepreneurs Program is one of three programs offered by the Government of Quebec to businessmen looking to invest and start a business in Quebec.

The eligibility criteria for the program include:

Applicant must have total assets of C $ 300,000 obtained legally (with a spouse or common-law partner, if applicable).
A minimum of two years of business experience is required which has lasted for the past five consecutive years from the date of filing of the application. The business should have been managed only by the applicant or with the spouse or partner who holds at least twenty-five percent of the capital.
The company that the applicant has been involved in must be a full-time company in which he was responsible for all important aspects such as planning, management, finance, and human resources, and so on.
The company must employ at least one local citizen for at least thirty hours a week.
The applicant must submit his application in one of two categories:
He must prove that he has all the qualities to run a company independently. To meet this criterion, the applicant must prepare and submit a business project for setting up a business venture or acquiring a pre-existing one. This could be an agricultural, industrial, or commercial company that would operate in Quebec. The applicant must own and audit a minimum of twenty-five of equity worth at least C $ 100,000.
The other category is where the applicant has acquired an already existing company in which he owns a minimum of twenty-five percent of the capital of C $ 100,000. The applicant must run the business itself and be an important member of top management.
However, it should be recalled that the applicant cannot claim to be the purchaser of the company he acquired. This is in particular during the five years prior to the date of submission of the selection certificate together with the application for permanent residence.
Other factors taken into account include the age of the applicant, skills in the French language, the total length of work experience, and other qualities of the candidate, etc.

Overall, the selection process based on the above criteria is carried out by the Government of Quebec. The province is particularly distinguished by the candidates it selects as permanent residents.