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Essential travel guide to Brantford, Ontario – Check out amazing things to do

There is always something to do in Brantford, Ontario! From history and heritage to exquisite natural beauty, Brantford has everything. Go hiking, biking and canoeing to watch a show or go to one of the city’s beautiful museums, there is something for everyone here at Wayne Gretzky’s house.

The capital of the tournament is Ontario

Brantford is known as the championship capital of Ontario and with good reason. Here are some of the best sporting events in Canada. Numerous arenas, skating rinks, playgrounds, etc. make Brantford a popular sporting destination throughout the year.

The real sports center in Brantford is the Wayne Gretzky Sports Center. It has 3 icy surfaces, an Olympic pool, two softball courts, 3 tennis courts, two soccer fields, and much more, you will never get bored here.

The Wayne Gretzky Sports Center is also home to the Sports Recognition Hall, a place where Brantford meets some of the many athletes he produced as well as other great athletes. The hall hosts rotating exhibitions of 28 athletes simultaneously with a variety of wonderful artifacts from each. The only permanent exhibition is the Wayne Gretzky Gallery, which presents a collection including his Los Angeles Kings shirt.

The big river

Brantford is located on the beautiful Grand River, which offers many activities in Brantford. Water sports like swimming, boating, canoeing, and fishing: call it whatever you like! You can even enjoy going out of the water while walking, biking, and more.

One of the great places to visit along the Grand River is the Brant Conservation Area, which is located right in the bend of the Grand River. A popular camping destination, it’s a great starting point for entertainment in Brantford, the phone city.

The story

Brantford is a place with a very strong history. One of his titles is The City of the Telephone, in honor of one of its greatest inhabitants: Alexander Graham Bell. He immigrated to Brantford with his family as a young adult, and much of his work was done in his most famous invention here in the city. The Bell Homestead is now a National Historic Site, where you can take a guided tour by employees with original 19th-century dresses, to get a feel of Bell’s house as it was while he was living in the same house.

Fun for the whole family in Brantford

There are many great places to bring a family to Brantford, such as the Ben Mar Family Fun Center. Miniature golf, vans, closed driving range, hitting cages, hallway, big wheel, and much more at Ben Mar Family Fun Center. Located between Paris and Brantford, it is a great place to spend a day of fun and excitement.

More fun can be found in Earl Haig Family Fun Park. The exciting golf course, mini-golf, and hitting cages are just the tips of the iceberg here. The main attraction is the incredible water attractions, including a 60-foot water slide, a huge and humid wet and functional leisure pool, and the 600 ‘Lazy River Ride.