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Immigrate to UEA and discover the best way to secure Visa for UAE

To work in the United Arab Emirates, you must have a sponsor. This could be someone already living there or an employer who takes care of you to get accepted so you can get a job.

There are different visas for children for different types of work and length of stay and the person you need will be determined based on the number of things to consider, such as whether you are coming to work or on vacation, or the country you are from.

If you are already a citizen of a GCC country, you do not need a visa – only your passport (these countries are Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman).

Otherwise, you will receive your visa upon arrival at the airport.

If you are a citizen of the Arab Gulf States (but not a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council) and belong to a list of specific occupations, you will obtain a 30-day visa. These careers tend to be professions – doctors, accountants, engineers, and public sector workers.

If you belong to one of the countries included in the approved list, you can get one free visitor visa – but check with the UAE embassy before traveling. The countries that are supported are the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the European Union, and a few other countries. A complete and updated list can be found on the Emirati Immigration website.

If you do not qualify for a visa under one of these fairly automatic criteria, you must apply for a visa through a sponsor. The sponsor must sort all documents on your behalf:

  • The hotel and tourism sponsor can apply for a 14-day service visa, a 30-day tourism visa, or a 30-day visit visa that can be extended for an additional 30 days at a later date.
  • Airlines can apply for a 4-day transit visa for airline employees.
  • Other regions of the UAE can only request visit and service visas, but not tourism visas.
  • If you have a friend from a relative who already lives in the United Arab Emirates, they can apply for a visa on your behalf as a sponsor.

If these rules seem simple enough, it is because in most cases. However, visitors from countries like Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Niger have other borders. It is always advisable to check with the Naturalization Department and set up a Ministry of Interior in the Dubai area for correct and up-to-date information.

  • If you come to the area to work and your employee has sorted out the visa for you, there are a few things to know.
  • The sponsoring company manages all the documents required to apply for the visa, and business visas only last 30 days (although they can be extended).
  • You cannot leave the sponsoring company without their permission
  • During your initial 30-day visa, you must apply for a residence visa. This is usually valid for 3 years and without it, you will not be able to benefit from services such as bank accounts, phone numbers, etc.
  • There is also a medical test

Your future employer should be able to explain all the options available to you. Please note that although we try to update this information as soon as possible, it is always recommended to check the latest changes in the visa section of the UAE Embassy in the country where you are currently residing.