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Immigrate to Toronto, Canada and discover the best location to live

Where can I live in Toronto?

Each new immigrant asks this question or thinks about planning a move. It is very important to determine the correct location. The correct location is a relative term, taking into account your personal or family situation. The priorities differ if you are alone or if you have a family with children. For more details on this, whether you’re single or two, you can stay close to the city center, closer to work, usually, the living areas are closer to the city’s entertainment district. On the other hand, if you migrate here with young children and go to school, you need to select good schools and a safe and easy to move neighborhood. However, there is no reason to believe that it is difficult to find accommodation with the family. In fact, the two cases have different priorities. Due to the demographics of Toronto, finding accommodation is also required in both situations. Here are some factors you could take into account in determining your preferred neighborhood, this is just an overview. If you think there are other critical factors we should add to direct new immigrants, please use our contact to let us know.

Safety and security:

In general, Toronto is a safe city, like any other minor crime that occurs in the big city. When you are new to this city, you can become an easy victim of such a crime. If you have a family, you increase your chances of exposure. The alternative is to identify areas with fewer crime statistics. Visit the Neighborhood Crime Statistics page of the Toronto Police website listed at number 1 below.

Composition of the population: The city of Toronto, with the help of Statistics Canada, maintains information on the neighborhood profile. This is very useful when you want to select an appropriate neighborhood. At a very high level, you have to stay in a neighborhood where you can easily mix. Since Toronto is a city for immigrants, there are parts of the city called Little India, China Town, Greek City, etc. At first, you may feel comfortable staying near these places. However, this can create a cocoon environment for you and an important aspect of immigration can be lost. The demography of the neighborhood means the profile of the neighborhood. You can search for and select specific neighborhoods using the “Neighborhood Profile” page on the City of Toronto website listed at number 2 below.

Public transport:

You rely heavily on public transport for your first few days. Like many North American cities, Toronto culture owns a car for transportation. However, before you are ready to buy a car (that is, you have a driver’s license and financing), public transportation is the most economical way to travel. Ideally located near public transport, such as near TTC, YRT bus/metro. You can find the associated Greater Toronto Area (GTA) passenger cards on the “Transition” page of the author’s website mentioned below.

Other amenities:

When choosing a location to find rental locations, think of other amenities that you feel are important in your lifestyle. Places of activities, entertainment, worship, etc. In short, Toronto is a big city, and finding a suitable place to live is not impossible, but it does require some homework. To find the right accommodation, you need to have 3 steps, a) Determine your needs b) Start the search process early c) Determine the locations that meet your needs. Due to the high demand for housing, spaces are rented on a very short term.