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Immigrate to Australia and find out the availability of the skilled immigration visas

Australia’s unemployment rate has been low over the past decade, especially compared to the rest of the world. This is due to the exceptional economic conditions in the country and is mainly driven by the mining and services industry. Another driving force behind employment in Australia is the health sector. Given the high demand for the job, the Australian government has created six major skilled working visa options for ambitious immigrants.

1. Employer-sponsored visa – As the name implies, this immigration visa means that a company legally registered in Australia or abroad can care for and employ foreign workers. In addition to sponsoring a company, a foreign worker must have the skills and qualifications required in Australia. A visa is sponsored by the employer to obtain a permanent or temporary employment contract.

2. Visa for immigrants and other skilled professionals – The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a program called the General Skilled Immigration Program (GSM) that targets skilled workers and other professionals abroad who are not directly caring by the employer and who apply for a visa on their own. As with a sponsored employer, this work visa states that the worker has skills and experience in the profession required in Australia.

3. A business visa is for people in business who want to create a new business, work on a business, and develop an existing project or simply invest in Australia. If a government in a particular Australian state or territory wishes to encourage and attract a specific business to its state or province, it may provide individual sponsorship to people in the industry involved in that business. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website contains detailed information on business visas.

4. The Australian government has implemented a new online system called Skill Select, where prospective applicants can enter their contact details. The idea is that after registering online, skilled workers are considered by employers or state governments for a referral. This particular online program was created to address the current skill shortage in Australia.

5- A visa program for doctors and nurses has been established to address the persistent shortage of nurses, doctors, and other health workers. General practitioners or specialists can apply for this type of visa if they obtain their medical degrees abroad or in Australia but do not currently have permanent residency in Australia.

6. A qualifying immigration visa for the air and sea crew is available for crew members who make commercial, cargo, or cruise trips, and cruises are also registered with the crew travel agency and are not already Australian citizens.